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What is the 630 ???

A Place to Connect With God

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 "What is the 630 ?"

The 630 is a prayer initiative started to connect the vision of the nonprofit with as many individuals who would like to become a part of the movement of change that God is bringing in our heart during these times. We invite you to participate in what God is doing here to usher in his love and mercy through his people as we intercede on assignment together!!!  I believe you have been invited here on assignment to experience all that God has for you and those that you love!!

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 "What is the Significance of the 630?"

We were invited to prayer at assigned times and to allow the Father (God) to synchronize our hearts to his assignment for our churches, communities, cities, and nations. We are not claiming to have the only effective prayer method but the one that we feel impressed to share and declare in confidence about what the Lord is doing to bring healing, salvation and deliverance to all who visit our site, and participate in the prayer initiative.

"How Can I Help ?"

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