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You can make a Monetary Donation or 
Obtain a T-Shirt to show others your support!

Monetary Donations

We appreciate all donations!!

We will use your donations for the furtherance of website maintenance and staff who will respond to your concerns and suggestions. All your donations are tax deductible. 

We will be praying for all who

Partner with us in spreading the message of prayer!

T-Shirt Donations

We invite those who desire, to show their support for the prayer initiative by making a T-Shirt donation.

All donations will be used to pay for the shirt and shipping with a small portion of cost given back to the nonprofit, “What is the 630?” on each T-Shirt donation.

All T-Shirts purchased on this site will be customized to the city/country that you designate in the T-Shirt order link.

We appreciate your support for the prayer initiative and are looking forward to seeing those T-Shirts around the globe!

We have connected fulfillment with a local T-Shirt vendor, which we have no ownership or business investment!

Thank you once again for your donation!!

You will be charged a shipping fee to send the customized T-Shirt to your location. Shipping times are indicated on the link!! Please allow 1-2 weeks for international orders.

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